Lavender Bags

This post if from my previous blog and whilst my girls have grown a little since I wrote this we still have the lavender bags we made and its still a favorite project.

It has become a little tradition in our house that once potty training is going reasonably well we make lavender bags to perfume the draw that will need to be cleared to make way for the big girl knickers.  I like to involve the girls in this as much as possible.  I thought I would share this project with you since it is so very child friendly and quick it makes a great first project.

Let your child pick some fabric – this is an ideal project to use up scraps.  You can use the chosen fabric for both sides of the lavender bag or use a plain piece for the back.  For each lavender bag you will need to cut two squares.  I use a CD case as my template.  Pin three of the sides together right sides facing.


Stitch around the edges of the bag pivoting around the corners and leaving the final edge undone. To pivot around each corner stop sewing a little way from the edge of you fabric.  Lower the machine needle down into the fabric, lift the presser foot and swivel the fabric 90 degrees so the next edge is aligned.  Lower the presser foot and continue sewing.  In a project like this where seam allowance is negotiable but, you want nice crisp straight lines.  I have two tips for sewing a straight line.  Don’t be embarrassed sewing in a straight line is a challenge even for experienced sewers.

Tip one align the edge of your fabric with the edge of your sewing machine foot and keep this alignment to ensure a straight line (so long as your fabric is cut straight).

Tip two using a fabric marker or even a pencil if you don’t have a specialist fabric marker draw a straight line with a ruler where you want to sew. When sewing keep your marked line between the gap in your sewing machine foot and don’t look at the needle to often as this will send you off line.

The age and temperament of the child will dictate how involved in the sewing process they can be.  You will be the best judge of this but this is how it is for my girls.  My youngest who is 2 is a very curious and hands on little mischief maker.  I have only just let her start to sit on my lap whilst I use the machine and occasionally let her press the reverse button.  She does love to watch the sewing machine in action and sat whilst I sewed two or three of these little bags.  My eldest who is 4 has always been a very sensible and cautious child.  She has been sitting on my lap whilst I sewed since she was a baby and I never worried she would try to touch anything she shouldn’t.  Now I let her guide the fabric through the machine with my hands on top of hers.

Now you have a bag with an open top.  Clip the corners and turn right side out.  Normally I would press these now but you can skip this process if you are making these with children.  Add 3-4tbsp of dried lavender to the bags – this is where children of any age can really get stuck in.


Fold over the raw edge of the bag about 1cm and secure with pins.  Now sew the opening closed using the sewing machine.  If you want a more professional finish press this edge over and slip stitch the opening closed.  Your done!

Now if only potty training was this simple!