Styling the seasons – January

I’ve decided to join in the Styling the Seasons this year. Read more about this lovely project from its originators here and here

I found out about Styling the Seasons through Instagram which I joined about 8 months ago. It’s a platform that’s always appealed to me but as I’m not an iphone or android user couldn’t access. Finally an app was released I could use & I have enjoyed the Instagram experience even more than I anticipated. I began practicing my photo skills with the photo a day challenges run by fat mum slim.  I love that Instagram is all about camera phones (mostly) it makes it such a level playing field.  I’ve always enjoyed photography but never have (and probably never will) owned a proper camera. Once I found my feet I began looking at other hubs and tagging my photos to them. I’ve found such inspiration through Instagram and made some lovely friends. I have even had the great honor of having a few of my photos featured. This sends me screaming around the house and leaping up and down with great excitement. I have got much better at taking landscape and outdoor shots (natural light is the best) and I’m getting better at macro shots, still life and little vignettes but lighting is my nemesis. Our home sadly lacks much natural light and all windows are north facing. However I did get some small photography lights for Christmas. I thought joining in with Styling the Seasons would not only give me great pleasure but also a chance to practice lighting and styling areas of my home.

So without further delay I bring you January. I am not a fan of January and February, they are tough months from me. It took me quite a while to find the inspiration for this month. The area I have chosen to Style is my bedside table. Getting out of bed In the dark in January may well be my least favorite thing so I thought waking up to this pretty scene and hopefully the smell of hyacinths in the days to come would be a good tonic.


I spent A LOT of time on this first photo and honestly, I’m still not happy with it. However as I said this is a learning experience.  I’ve also given our bedroom an early spring clean so it feels clean and inviting. I’m hoping to spend some time like this.



Don’t be fooled by this serene little vignette just off camera there is a baby wreaking havoc.


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