Spring Cleaning

It’s SPRING! I can’t wait for the weather to get just a little warmer so I can fling open all the windows and air the whole house. I like to spring clean room by room. I think the bedrooms are my favorite to clean but the kitchen is most time-consuming.  Today I thought I’d give you a great tip for getting your oven really sparkling clean without using harsh chemicals.  This topic was very popular on my previous blog and I often get asked for it so I thought I’d share it here again. To clean your oven, you will need…

  • bicarbonate of soda
  • a spray bottle filled with water
  • a cloth
  • soap and water
  • newspaper
  • white vinegar (optional)

You’ll need to choose a time when you won’t be using your oven for a few a hours – I do the first step in the evening and clean in the morning.

Step one – Remove the trays from your oven and sprinkle bicarb over the inside of your oven (don’t forget the inside of the door). Depending on how dirty your oven is you’ll probably use 4-6 heaped tablespoons of bicarb.

Step two – Spray water all over the bicarb – it’ll fizz a little.  You want to get the powder nice and wet but you don’t want puddles of water sitting in the bottom of your oven.  Leave for as long as you can, overnight is ideal.

Step Three – The next morning, lay the newspaper down on the floor in front of your oven and get yourself a bowl full of soapy water (ordinary dish washing soap is fine) and a strong cloth.  Firstly lightly wash any bits of your bicarb paste that come away easily.  Then scrub any areas that are a little more stubborn.  Finally with a fresh bowl of soapy water wash the whole oven again to remove any last bicarb residue.  Your oven should look like new!  You can use the bicarb paste on the glass but don’t scrub too hard as this may scratch the glass.

Step four – To give your glass a lovely shine, spray lightly with white vinegar.  You can buy spray bottles of white vinegar for this purpose in hardware shops and some supermarkets. Buff to shine with some kitchen towel or piece of scrunched up newspaper.

If your oven is really filthy you may need to repeat this process but do persevere.  The best thing about this method of cleaning is there is no nasty smells and no harsh chemicals to fume your food. Happy spring cleaning.

newnewspaper.newspaper. Step five – I find oven racks come up really well in the dishwasher but if you don’t have a dishwasher wash in warm soapy water, use a scourer and plenty of elbow grease.


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