I just love Instagram, I really feel I’ve found my tribe over there this year.  An incredible community of artistic, creative, inspirational women who are nothing but encouraging, kind, warm and friendly. If you are new to this little app I thoughts I would share jus a few of my favourite accounts and hashtags with you.

lovely Lowri @littlemaldod  who hosts #mythursdaybreaktime which has become a real highlight in my week ad a reminder to take a break each day.


Charming Olivia @xxbirdhouse who’s gallery is so calming and who co-hosts a new-ish monthly photo challenge #nestandflourish


Finally, from Poland inspirational Anna @aalmadr who’s talent I’m in awe of.


Other favourite hashtags that I like to join in with are #mymondaymoodboard #aquietstyle and #nodtonotions to name but a very few.

Do check out these beautiful accounts and the hashtags for lots of other inspirational accounts to follow.  These were my best 9 Instagram captures from 2015 you can find me on Instagram on here I’d love to see you over there.




One thought on “Instagram

  1. Love your best9 – thanks again for including me in this post. I totally agree with you on finding “my people” on IG. To many lovely endeavours together in 2016!!!

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