Happy new year to you readers may 2016 be a truly blessed year for you and those you love. 2015 was a busy & turbulent year for us and I’m not too sad to see it go.

You might remember from my previous posts from this time last year I’m not a fan of January and even less of a fan of February. I have over the years developed coping mechanisms to sustain me through these cold, dark, grey months and the seemingly endless bouts of illness my children seem to succumb to. My winter survival plans generally involve cocooning myself with simple pleasures around my home.  I have begun January by putting up more fairy lights (not just for Christmas) and planting spring bulbs to enjoy indoors. These are beautiful paper whites. A tall delicate narcissi with a lovely perfume. I’m already looking forward to them blooming.



One thought on “January

  1. Happy new year, Simone! I love the idea of putting up extra fairy lights in January; makes so much sense! Planting bulbs is also a great idea and hopefully will get you through the next couple of months xx

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