Sleepover boxes

My eldest daughter has just turned 9 and we are embarking on a new adventure with her. Her first sleepover!! I have been anticipating this moment with some dread for a number of years.

She is on the whole sensible and well behaved as are her lovely friends so I am sure all will be well, if a little giggly.

I felt perhaps they were a little old for the traditional party bags but I wanted to make the occasion special and memorable for her guests so I put together these sleepover boxes and thought I would share them with you.

Each box contains…

  • Bath bomb
  • Cosy socks
  • Lip balm
  • Lollipop pen
  • Sweets (for midnight feasting of course)

I have been collecting little bits and pieces in shops like tiger, smiggle (my daughter and her friends are all obsessed with this shop) and I got quite a few things in the superdrug sale. The boxes I bought from the card factory.

I had hoped to include an eye mask in each box on the off chance they felt like sleeping but I was unwell in the run up to the party and just ran out of time but I think they would be a lovely addition. 

Anyway they were very simple and not too expensive on a small scale and I think the girls will love them.