Carrie trousers

I’ve done some sewing!!! I’ve made myself a pair of peachy Carrie trousers from the Sew Over It Ultimate guide to sewing and fitting trousers online course (a birthday present from my parents). If i’m honest the Carrie trousers aren’t really my style although i’ll definitely wear them they are comfy. I thought it would be a good starting point before I move onto the Ultimate trouses – which I love the look of.

I am 5ft 9.5″ tall and my figure is boyish. I added 3.5″ in length to these trousers. I probably could of added 2.5″ but i erred on the side of cation and removed the excess once i was happy with the length. I cut a size 10 waist but graded to an 8 through the hips and legs. These alterations were simple and the pattern came together quickly (I can spend a LOT of time doing pattern alterations for my figure).

I loved following the video tutorials as i’m a very visual learner and I felt really confident about tackling this project. The videos were clear and each one and good length. The other thing about sew over it patterns is they are really well put together. All the pieces and notches line up beautifully. 

This was my first time sewing with rayon. I found so long as I used plenty of pins and only removed them at the last minute to prevent slipping. It was lovely sew with. I love this salmon pink!