October favourites

I thought it would be nice to get back to posting here regularly and I thought a good and, achievable way to do this might be to do a monthly “favourites” post. So without further delay here are some of our favourite things from October.

October saw the first hot chocolate of the season. Perfect with pumkin spiced doughnuts as a special after school treat. Search my blog for the recipe.

This month we visited Oxborough Hall in Norfolk. I think autumn was a magical  time of year to visit this fascinating and remote country hall. As we arrived the hall was shrouded in a beautiful mist. We crossed the moat and explored the hall and it’s rich history. None of us was brave enough to enter the priest hole but a highlight for me was seeing a display of Mary Queen on Scots needlework. We went for a lovely walk in the grounds and were treated to a fly over by hundreds of geese. Autumn really felt in full swing.

October is a great month for dhalia’s and they certainly didn’t disappoint this year. They add such colour and drama to the garden. I grow them on our allotment as a cut flowers and (if you can keep the slugs and snails off them) they give so many flowers per bush. Next year I am hoping to grow Sarah Ravens new Rubens dhalia collection (image via Sarah Raven)

At the end of the month the clocks changed. The girls wanted to spend their extra hour learning to knit. We had a lovely time all sat around listening to some of our favourite tunes and learning something new. They woke predictably early but took up their knitting needles and occupied themselves very happily until a more social hour. My 3 year old wasn’t so easily persuaded it was too early to be up and about.


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