November favourites

Here we are at the end of November. What a busy time of year it is. Excitement is definitely building for next months big event. But before that our November favourites.

I adore gingerbread! Too good to save just for christmas I love to make heaps and heaps of gingerbread leaves all through November. I use this wonderful gluten free gingerbread recipe 

I bought a copy of Emma Mitchells lovely book making winter. Like Emma I also find the winter month tough. I suffered with SAD through my teens and early 20s. I manage it better now bringing out my winter tool kit at the first signs and i’m pleased to say I haven’t had a significant bought of depression in nearly 10 years. I won’t lie it’s been hard at times not to slip back there and this beautiful, itelligent and creative book is definatly going in my winter tool kit.

My eldest daughter and I were delighted to meet Emma at a workshop and book signing she ran at Angelsey Abbey in November. She taught us both how to draw the most equisit little stylised wreaths and neither of us has been able to stop drawing them ever since. More to come on that.

As the temperatures dropped and light faded we have spent more time indoors this month. We have crafted and baked and planted bulbs to grow indoors (see my last post) but one of our favourite activites on especially grey days is to cuddle up and  share a good book together. I love childrens book that reflect the changing season. Some of our favourite autumn books that envoke that cosy feeling are 

  • The House in the Woods by Inga Moor
  • The Mousehole Cat by Antony Barber and Nicolas Bayley
  • Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo

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