New years resolution 

It’s taken me a VERY long time to find my 2018 feet. Christmas and new year were consumed by poorly children and we welcomed in the new year to the dawning realisation that we can no longer deny my son’s asthma is severe and that I need to make adjustments to the pace of our family life to accommodate this. It’s meant a slow start to the year and for me laying aside some of my hopes and plans. Which at times has made me sad.

However, I did start a pilates class (having a husband who commutes vast distances every day is not very conducive to getting out in the evenings). I was nervous my first class but kitted myself out by sewing myself a new yoga mat bag. I love the results. I was delighted to discover my class is a real mixed ability afair and everyone is very down to earth and friendly. Also that my constantly interrupted and somewhat sporadic home work outs (the kind where trucks are driven over my mat and tea parties held underneath me as I plank) had been more effective in maintaining my fitness than I had thought. I’ve done 4 weeks now, I am loving it and really starting to feel the benefits. My bag is greatly admired too.