A greener back to school.

Schools went back this week. What a shock to the system that was. I thought i’d share a few green back to school purchases I have made this year.

With Rymans stationers recently announcing the launch of their stationery recycling scheme it seems awareness of how much disposable plastic there is in stationary is growing. Personally I’d like to see more options for buying better rather than just another corporate recycling scheme. To that end I was pleased to find a metal geometry set in WHSMITHS. Another item ticked off the secondary school kit list. I’ve bought highlighter pencils on amazon to try too but i’m afraid other than that i’ve struggled to find greener school supplies. My sister bought me some beautiful paper wrapped biro pens for my birthday which I was delighted with but try as I might I can’t find them to buy anywhere.

Uniform can be tricky and I appreciate you may not have a great deal of choice about where or what you buy. You may find, like i did, a lot of items comes wrapped in A LOT of plastic. I’ve used free returns this year to return all single use plastic packaging to the retailer for recycling with a note asking them to reconsider how they package their clothing.

Once you’ve purchased uniform there is all the fun of labeling it. I know iron on name tapes are a real game changer BUT environmentally friendly they are not. I’m here to sing the praises of those old fashioned woven name tapes – yes it takes longer but they are re reusable and biodegradable. I bought one set when my children started in school and have never had to buy name tapes again. If you REALLY can’t bear to sew them in use a sharpie on the clothes label.

Packed lunches save money and can be green too. This year i’ve bought metal drinks bottles for everyone and told them it’s the last water bottle I am buying them EVER. Wax wraps can replace cling film and sandwhich bags and good old tupperware or a bamboo* alternative lasts for years if well looked after.

*bamboo is not safe for hot food or drinks.