About me

Hello, welcome to my website.  My name is Simone I am a 20-something Mummy of three.

In a nutshell this is me. Wife, Mummy, sewer, vintage clothing lover, very amateur knitter, blogger, jam maker, photographer, seeker of beauty and all round nice person.

Here I blog about my life in general and my sewing adventures.  I love to sew and was taught the basics by my beloved Grandma and Mum but through my teenage years put down my needle and thread for pens and textbooks instead.  I started to dabble in sewing again when my first daughter was born 7 years ago.  I have taught myself mostly from books and the internet, and discovered dress making for the first time.  Sewing (when I can fit it in) is my relaxation, my joy, my comfort, my intellectual stimulation. Having struggled at school with dyslexia I feel I’ve truly found my vocation in creating and sewing.

I began this blog in 2015 when I, tentatively, decided to take the plunge and use my talents to start my own business.  It’s been a long time coming.  I’ve dabbled in blogging before but I’ve had this website in mind for a few years, timing is everything they say.  I’ve been inspired and learnt so much from many wonderful sewing blogs and have valued being part of a thriving online community of sewers worldwide.  Being the only sewer in the village can be lonely.  I’d love to see sewing grow in popularity and hope one day to teach sewing locally.

I am so glad you visited my site. Please read, enjoy, leave comments, visit my shop and be inspired.

Simone X


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